Trouble bending your knees? Staircase exceptionally narrow?

Then an Acorn 120 Perch stair lift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.

The Acorn perch stair lift is perfect for people who have narrow stairs or struggle bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as Acorn 120 straight stair lifts, the perch model includes a comfortable grab rail for extra security.

Fits to the stairs, not the wall

Slimline fold-away design

  • Padded seat and backrest; Ensures that the Acorn Perch stair lift gives the most comfortable ride available.
  • Directional toggle switch; Easy to operate, even by those with limited dexterity.
  • Safety belt and handrail; Included for added security.
  • Folding arms and footrest; Slimline fold-away design allows easy access to the staircase.
  • Fast, no mess installation; The Acorn Perch Stair lift fixes quickly and easily to your staircase, so there’s no mess, and no need for any repairs.
  • Lockable on/off switch; Allows the user to prevent others from using the lift.
  • Diagnostic digital display; Informs the user of the status of the stair lift.
  • Safety sensors; Five safety sensors on the footrest and carriage stop the stair lift if an obstruction is encountered.
  • Remote controls; 2 handsets supplied, which allow the user to ‘call’ or ‘send’ the stair lift up or down the staircase.
  • Motor power: 0.5 hp
  • Motor output speed: 22 rpm – No greater than 0.15 meters per second
  • Method of drive: rack & pinion
  • Motor output torque: 108 Nm
  • Power supply: 24 v DC (battery)
  • Maximum capacity: 19 Stone / 266lbs / 120kg
  • Track: extruded aluminium
  • Mains supply: 110v, 50Hz charger
  • Width of seat/backrest: 300 mm; 12 in.
  • Height from seat to top of handle: 480 mm; 19 in.
  • Depth of seat: 230 mm; 9 in.
  • Top of footrest to top of seat: 530(L)/660(H) mm; 21(L)/26(H) in.
  • Required space from bottom of stair: 750 mm; 29.5 in.
  • Height from floor to top of handrail (up): 1575(L)/1780(H) mm; 62(L)/70(H) in.
  • Height from floor to top of handrail (down): 1000(L)/1205(H) mm; 39.5(L)/47.5(H) in.
  • Height from floor to top of seat: 660(L)/865(H) mm; 26(L)/34(H) in.
  • Height from footrest to handrail (down): 890(L)/1090(H) mm; 35(L)/43(H) in.
  • Wall to seat width: 40 mm; 1.5 in.
  • Footrest surface to floor: 100 mm; 4 in.
  • Overall depth from end of handrail (down): 650 mm; 25.5 in.
  • Overall depth (footrest down): 600 mm; 23.5 in.
  • (L) – Lowest adjustable height. (H) – Highest adjustable height
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